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Preguntas más frecuentes

  • During my stay at the B&B, I want to host a party. Is that possible?
    Yes you can, with a maximum of 20 people until about 11 p.m. due to noise pollution. Ask us about the possibilities and prices.
  • Is the area and location of the apartments safe?
    Yes, the apartments are in a screened-in area.
  • When was the B&B started?
    The B&B was started in early 2022 and before that was completely remodeled to current standards.
  • Is it possible to change money at the B&B?
    At the B&B you may be able to exchange money at a 10% commission.
  • What is the maximum length of stay at the B&B?
    We have no maximum stay in the B&B, but the average guest stays with us between 2 and 7 days.
  • Can I smoke in the B&B?
    No, smoking is not allowed in the B&B. All rooms are equipped with a smoke detector. Violation of the smoking policy will be fined. Fortunately, there are several areas around the B&B where you can smoke.
  • Is there a curfew at the B&B?
    No, during your stay you can go in and out 24/7.
  • Are there any stores near the B&B where we can get groceries?
    Within walking distance there are about four stores where you can do your shopping. Here they sell almost everything you need.
  • Does the B&B have a gym?
    The B&B does not have a gym, but you can walk or run laps in the garden,...:-)
  • How large are the apartments?
    The apartments are about 45m2 in size.
  • How do I get to the B&B?
    The B&B is easily accessible by cab, car. We can also pick you up at the airport, cost $10.00 this also applies to drop off.
  • Does the B&B ever have any offers? Does the B&B ever have any offers? Does the B&B ever have any offers? Does the B&B ever have any offers?
    Yes, keep an eye on our website for special offers.
  • How far are you guys from the center of Arequipa?
    We are only 8 minutes by cab from downtown, 3 kilometers.
  • I need an invoice. How do I get one?
    You will receive an invoice when you check out of the B&B. Did you make a reservation through another organization? Request your invoice there.
  • If something on site is not to my liking, what do I do?
    It is best to discuss this first with the front desk and/or with the owner of the hotel. We will do everything to make you feel comfortable, within reason. We find service and personal attention during your vacation extremely important. Do not hesitate to let us know what you think of your stay.
  • What are the house rules for B&B The Office?
    As with any hotel or Bed&Breakfast, there are house rules within the property. Guests of the Bed&Breakfast are subject to some house rules and obligations, which apply during their stay. Failure to do so risks a warning, fine or you and your party may even be evicted from the premises. Here is an overview of the house rules: Be considerate of your fellow guests, always treat each other with respect The building is only accessible for B&B guests Drugs are NOT allowed in the building You may operate the radio/music player yourself, but keep the volume reasonably low You may operate the television yourself, but keep the volume reasonably low Vandalism/damage to the building, furniture or objects please report to the owner Theft is NOT tolerated! If it does happen, please report it as soon as possible
  • I need a cab. Can you help me?
    Yes! We have good experiences with several cab companies in the region.
  • Are there animals on the B&B property?
    Yes we have 5 dogs from big to small, 2 cats, a chicken, a 6o year old turtle and lots of birds.
  • What is the best time to come to the B&B?
    Actually, 365 days a year. But January to the end of March is the rainy season.
  • What is there to do or see near the B&B?
    There are several things to do in the area. Think hiking, picnicking, quad biking, horseback riding, water rafting, climbing. There are also several beautiful things to see within walking distance.
  • What languages are spoken in the B&B?
    We speak, Spanish, Dutch, English, German and a little French.
  • How large is the land where the apartments are located?
    The site is 4000m2 in size. The first apartment in the beginning of the garden, 2nd floor and the other at the end. Overlooking the three volcanoes.
  • Can I temporarily leave my luggage with you before or after my stay?
    Of course! We have a locked luggage room. We are happy to keep an eye out for you. Please note that leaving luggage is at your own risk. We accept no responsibility in case of theft or damage.
  • Are the owners always present in the property?
    Yes the owners themselves live on the property.
  • What does your stay-over cleaning policy entail?
    Starting May 1, 2023, we will begin our sustainable "Cleaning on Demand" cleaning service. This means that we will skip the daily cleaning, saving a huge amount of water and energy. This way, together we can make a good impact on our planet! From the fourth day of your stay, team housekeeping will be ready for you again. Would you like to use room cleaning earlier? Please indicate this before 12:00 on the day of your stay. Together we make the world greener!
  • Is the Bed&Breakfast open year-round?
    The B&B is basically open year-round.
  • Can I book multiple rooms at the same time?
    Yes, please indicate that under Contact and Booking.
  • How many guests can stay in the B&B?
    Two guests can stay per apartment. So a total maximum of 4 people.
  • How come I see a different price today than yesterday?
    Our prices are based on supply and demand. As a result, room prices may change at any time.
  • How do I find out the prices of an apartment for a certain period of time?
    Go to contact & booking and click on direct booking. Relax, you're not committed to anything yet and can always go back. Then select your arrival and departure dates, the number of persons and we will send you the correct price. You'll always get the most current and best available price!
  • What are the conditions if I need to cancel my reservation?
    Because your reservation is immediately final and confirmed directly to the B&B, you are bound by cancellation policies if you unexpectedly have to cancel your reservation. We apply the cancellation policy of the respective accommodation.
  • How does payment work?
    Payment is made at the end of your stay. This can be done in cash in Soles, or Dollars. You can also pay by credit card, for which we charge an additional 8% commission. For guests from Peru we charge an additional 10%. Normally it is 18%.
  • I don't have a credit card, can I check in online?
    Yes. In your confirmation there is a link to check in online. Don't worry if you don't have a credit card or don't want to fill out everything, you can leave the process at any time and we will have all the data you entered, so it won't be lost. If the children do not have an email address, there is of course no need to enter data here
  • Do I have to pay in advance?
    No way, the flex rate does not have to be paid in advance.
  • What are the conditions if I need to change my reservation?
    If so, please email us as soon as possible ( , and together we will see if we can meet your needs.
  • Will I receive travel papers and an itinerary suggestion?
    The confirmation you receive from us by e-mail is your proof of reservation. This proof also contains the route suggestion to your B&B. So it is advisable to print the confirmation and bring it with you to your stay.
  • Can I change or cancel my reservation?
    You certainly can. Our rates are flexible and with our superflex rate you can always cancel for free. On the day of arrival we will hold the room for you until 6 pm. To guarantee your booking we ask you to provide your credit card details through the online check-in. Only in case of no-show we can charge the 100% cancellation fee. Only if you have a non-refundable rate and thus have already paid, cancellation is unfortunately not possible.Have you made a reservation through a booking channel (Expedia, etc) then you must always arrange your change or cancellation through them. There too we have flexible terms and conditions, but you can always check with the relevant booking channel.
  • What time can I check in?
    From 15 p.m. untill 18 p.m.
  • What time should I check out?
    The check-out time is betwee 08.00 a.m. and 11 a.m. You can book a snooze package if you want to sleep in longer. The cost is $17.50 per room and you can book it by mail.
  • Do the apartments have an air conditioner?
    No, and there is no need to. The rooms are wonderfully cool in the summer and warm in the winter period.
  • Do you have a swimming pool?
    We do not have a swimming pool.
  • Is it possible to reserve a crib?
    Unfortunately, we cannot provide that.
  • Are pets welcome?
    These are certainly welcome. Per pet, we charge a daily fee of $17.50.
  • Is there WIFI available?
    Yes indeed there is WIFI. It is free to use in the apartments and in the garden.
  • Does the B&B offer laundry and ironing service?
    Yes we offer these for $8.00 per 4 kg. Ironing service costs $5.00 per 4 kg.
  • Are there towels and is there linen in the room?
    But of course! We are a comfortable hotel so everything has been thought of! The beds are made and the towels are waiting for you.
  • Can I print paper in the B&B?
    If you want to print something you can ask us and we will take care of it for you. This is free of charge.
  • Is there a refrigerator in the apartment?
    Yes there is a refrigerator available.
  • Do you have outdoor furniture for relaxing?
    Yes indeed, we have several options for that.
  • Can you provide a birthday cake?
    Certainly we can arrange this for you, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.
  • Do you also rent bicycles?
    We rent Mountain Bikes. We charge $17.50 per Mountain Bike per day.
  • Is there a coffee maker or kettle in the apartment?
    In The Office 1 and 2 is a kettle available so you can make a nice cup of tea or coffee in your room.
  • Can I take cooking classes at the B&B?
    Yes indeed, Lauwrens teaches a variety of cooking classes. Think Italian cooking, for example. Ask us about the possibilities.
  • Does the B&B also have a movie theater?
    We can arrange a garden cinema with a 150-inch screen for you upon request. $ 100.00
  • Is parking free?
    Yes, it can stay and you can leave your luggage with us in the luggage room.
  • Do the apartments have a TV?
    Jazaker there is a TV present, with HBO, NETFLIX, DISNEY+ and AMAZON.
  • Hip hip hurrah we have a birthday boy/girl, can you do something fun for this?
    Sure book our PartyPackage and we will make sure the room is nicely decorated and there is a little treat in the room! The cost for a PartyPackage is $12.50.
  • Does B&B The Office also have an apartment in the Colca Canyon?
    Yes, in cooperation with CasaDeFredy we offer a Cottage in the Colca Canyon. Ask us about the possibilities for that.
  • Is there a hair dryer in the room?
    Of course, nothing is worse than a bad hair day, so there is a hair dryer in every room to prevent that.
  • What facilities do you have in the rooms?
    Each room has a hair dryer, closet, TV, desk, safe and a minibar that you may fill yourself. Of course, we have fine bedding, towels and toiletries to use during your stay.
  • Can we also buy soft drinks, beer or wine from you?
    Yes indeed in our outdoor kitchen there is a refrigerator completely filled with tasty drinks. You can buy these for a small fee.
  • Can we cook for ourselves or BBQ in the garden?
    Yes, there is a wood-fired oven, a BBQ and a gas stove available. We charge a small fee of $10.00 for use. Any wood or charcoal you need to buy yourself or we will arrange that for you.
  • Do you have any lunch packages?
    Yes, we have our own Lunchbag. For $ 8.00 per person upgrade your breakfast with a lunch bag.
  • Can I have dinner at your place?
    Yes, you are more than welcome! We do not serve elaborate dinners but for a nice snack and simple meal you are at the right place. We inform you a day in advance what we will be cooking. Per dinner the cost is $15.00 per person including 1 glass of wine.
  • Can I book an extra extensive breakfast?
    Yes! In the reservation you can choose to add your breakfast. Breakfast costs $5 per person per night. Included in the price is a continental breakfast. Bread 1 kind, marmalade and your choice of eggs, coffee or tea.
  • Do I need to make reservations for an extra-large breakfast?
    Yes, we work with fresh local produce so reservations are required.
  • Can I book an extended breakfast?
    Yes! In the reservation you can choose to add your breakfast. Breakfast costs $5 per person per night. Included in the price is a continental breakfast. Bread 1 kind, marmalade and your choice of eggs, coffee or tea.
  • How far is the Colca Canyon from the B&B?
    The Colca Canyon is about a 3/4 hour drive from the B&B. You can read in the website that we also offer tours to such places as the Colca Canyon and more.
  • Can we order tours or trips through you?
    Yes, we organize day, multi-day trip in the Arequipa region. We always work according to your wishes so we can organize something special. Ask about the possibilities.
  • Does B&B The Office also offer tours in Peru?
    Yes, since 2023, we have been offering completely arranged tours in Peru. These vary from 2 to 3 weeks with a private driver/guide. Ask us about the possibilities.
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