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What is a continental breakfast?

What is a continantal breakfast?
Continental breakfast

A continental breakfast is a light morning meal that typically includes a range of baked goods, fruit, and hot and cold beverages. It is often offered as a complimentary meal in hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts.

The term "continental" originated in the 19th century and was used to distinguish European breakfasts, which were typically light and composed of pastries and bread, from the heavy cooked breakfasts popular in the United Kingdom and the United States. Today, the continental breakfast has become a global concept and can be found in many parts of the world.

The key elements of a continental breakfast typically include bread, pastries, and croissants. These are often served with a selection of jams, butter, and spreads. Other popular options may include muffins, bagels, and English muffins. These breads are usually accompanied by a range of hot and cold beverages, such as coffee, tea, milk, and fruit juice.

Fruit is another staple of the continental breakfast. Fresh fruit, such as sliced melon, berries, and citrus fruits, are often included. Canned fruit may also be available. Yogurt and granola may also be served, along with other dairy products such as cheese and cold cuts.

While the continental breakfast is typically a light meal, it is designed to provide guests with enough sustenance to get them through the morning. For this reason, protein sources may also be included, such as boiled eggs, smoked salmon, or ham.

The presentation of a continental breakfast can vary widely depending on the establishment. Some hotels and motels may offer a simple self-service buffet with minimal variety, while others may provide a more elaborate spread with a wider selection of items. Some bed and breakfasts may even tailor their continental breakfasts to their guests' dietary preferences and needs.

Overall, the continental breakfast is a convenient and economical option for travelers who want a light and easy morning meal. It typically includes a range of baked goods, fruit, and hot and cold beverages, and may also include protein sources such as eggs or ham. Its origins in Europe have given way to a global concept that is now popular in many parts of the world.

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