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Tour Peru: discover the secrets of the Incas

Do you like a bit of mystery? Then a tour of Peru, with its Nazca lines and Machu Picchu, is your ideal trip. On our well-considered group tour and the individual tours you will experience the land of the Incas in a very personal way. During the Peru tour you will get to know both the highlights and the colorful local population, for the best price. Our experienced travel experts are happy to help you book your dream 'journey of discovery'.

In the footsteps of the Incas

The visit to Machu Picchu is perhaps the reason why you have booked a tour through Peru. The visit will certainly not disappoint you. Follow in the footsteps of the Incas and take a walk on the Inca Trail that leads to Machu Picchu. Once there, you will discover the magic of the 'hidden city'. Thanks to its isolated location, the Incas managed to hide Machu Picchu from the Spanish conquerors, so it was not destroyed. Follow the Incas during your tour of Peru to the archaeological city of Cuzco, also known as the 'sacred city of the Incas'. Between Cusco and Machu Picchu lies the Sacred Valley of the Incas. In this valley you can visit Inca ruins and visit local markets, such as the colorful Indian market of Pisac. Have you not had enough of the mysterious Incas yet? Then take a flight over the Nazca Lines. The meaning of these images discovered in 1927 is still a mystery.

Peru: Mountains and Valleys

Discover the beautiful nature during your tour through Peru. The Peruvian mountains, volcanoes and valleys provide views that you have never seen before. Take the city of Arequipa, which is located in the desert mountains at an altitude of 2325 meters. The city, surrounded by three volcanoes and built from a volcanic white stone, creates a beautiful picture. You will experience the literal highlight of your Peru tour in the Colca valley. Here you will travel up to 4820 meters and enjoy spectacular panoramic views. During the tour through Peru you can also get to know the indigenous communities of the Uros Islands. These floating reed islands belong to the Titicaca National Reserve, on Lake Titicaca.

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