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Interesting facts about peru. B&B The Office Arequipa.


Peru is a fascinating country located in South America, known for its rich history, diverse culture, breathtaking landscapes, and ancient civilizations. Here are 1000 words worth of interesting facts about Peru:

  1. Peru is the third-largest country in South America, covering an area of 1,285,216 square kilometers (496,225 square miles).

  2. The official language of Peru is Spanish, but there are also several indigenous languages spoken throughout the country, such as Quechua and Aymara.

  3. The capital city of Peru is Lima, which is located on the country's central coast. Lima is not only the political capital but also the culinary capital of South America.

  4. Peru is home to one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu. This ancient Inca city, located in the Andes Mountains, attracts tourists from all over the globe.

  5. The Inca Empire, known for its remarkable architecture and engineering, was once the largest empire in pre-Columbian America. It spanned across present-day Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and parts of Colombia, Chile, and Argentina.

  6. Lake Titicaca, located on the border of Peru and Bolivia, is the highest navigable lake in the world. It is also believed to be the birthplace of the Inca civilization.

  7. Peru is a mega-diverse country, boasting a variety of ecosystems, including the Amazon rainforest, the Andes Mountains, and the Pacific coastline. It is one of the world's top biodiversity hotspots.

  8. The Peruvian Amazon rainforest is home to countless species of flora and fauna, including jaguars, macaws, anacondas, and pink river dolphins.

  9. The Nazca Lines, located in the Nazca Desert, are a series of ancient geoglyphs etched into the desert floor. These enormous drawings of animals, plants, and geometric shapes can only be fully appreciated from the air.

  10. Peru has 28 official national parks, which protect its natural treasures and promote ecotourism. These parks encompass a wide range of habitats and offer opportunities for hiking, wildlife spotting, and adventure activities.

  11. The Andes Mountains run through Peru, creating stunning landscapes and serving as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The highest peak in Peru, and the second highest in the Americas, is Huascarán, standing at 6,768 meters (22,205 feet) above sea level.

  12. Peru is the world's leading producer of silver and ranks among the top producers of copper, gold, and zinc. Its rich mineral resources have played a significant role in its economy.

  13. The cuisine of Peru is considered one of the most diverse and delicious in the world. Traditional Peruvian dishes include ceviche (marinated raw fish), lomo saltado (stir-fried beef), and causa (a layered potato dish).

  14. The potato, an essential staple in many cuisines worldwide, originated in Peru. The country boasts more than 4,000 different varieties of potatoes, each with its own unique characteristics.

  15. Peruvian culture is a fusion of indigenous traditions, Spanish colonial influences, and African, Asian, and European immigrant contributions. This rich blend is evident in its music, dance, festivals, and art.

  16. Inti Raymi, or the Festival of the Sun, is an ancient Inca celebration that takes place in Cusco every year on June 24th. It honors Inti, the sun god, and showcases colorful processions, music, and traditional rituals.

  17. The Marcahuasi Plateau, located in the Andes Mountains near Lima, is famous for its mysterious stone formations. Some believe that the rocks resemble human and animal figures,

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