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Holiday in Peru.

Colca Canyon
Vieuw Colca Canyon Arequipa

Peru is a South American country with a rich cultural heritage and a plethora of natural wonders that make it an ideal destination for a holiday. From its breathtaking Andean mountains to its stunning coastline and the world-renowned Machu Picchu ruins, Peru is a treasure trove of unique experiences waiting to be explored.

When planning a holiday in Peru, it's important to consider the time of year you'll be visiting, as well as the activities you want to participate in. The country's climate can vary widely depending on the region, with the highlands experiencing colder temperatures and the coast being hot and humid.

One of the most popular destinations for tourists in Peru is the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a must-see for anyone visiting Peru, and there are several ways to experience it. One option is to hike the Inca Trail, a four-day trek that takes you through stunning Andean landscapes and culminates in a sunrise view of Machu Picchu. If you're short on time or not up for a multi-day hike, there are also train and bus options that will take you to the site.

Another popular destination in Peru is the Amazon rainforest, which covers over 60% of the country's land area. Here, you can take a riverboat tour and experience the incredible biodiversity of the Amazon, from monkeys and macaws to caimans and pink river dolphins. There are also eco-lodges and research centers in the rainforest that offer a more immersive experience, with activities like jungle hikes, birdwatching, and traditional medicine workshops.

For those interested in history and culture, there are several other destinations in Peru worth visiting. The city of Cusco, once the capital of the Inca Empire, is a great place to learn about Inca culture and visit historical sites like the Qorikancha temple and the Sacsayhuaman fortress. The city of Arequipa, known as the "White City" for its colonial buildings made of white volcanic rock, is also worth a visit, with highlights like the Santa Catalina Monastery and the Colca Canyon.

Foodies will also find plenty to enjoy in Peru, with its diverse cuisine and unique ingredients like quinoa, potatoes, and ají peppers. The capital city of Lima is a great place to sample Peruvian cuisine, with options ranging from traditional street food to high-end restaurants. Some must-try dishes include ceviche, lomo saltado, and pisco sour cocktails.

When planning your holiday in Peru, be sure to budget for transportation, as the country is quite large and getting around can take time. Buses and flights are the most common modes of transportation, with budget airlines like Viva Air and Sky Airline offering affordable options.

Overall, a holiday in Peru offers something for everyone, whether you're interested in history, culture, nature, or food. With its diverse landscapes and welcoming people, it's no wonder that Peru is becoming an increasingly popular destination for travelers around the world.

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