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Best 3 Restaurants nearby The B&B

What are the best 3 restaurants near Bed and Breakfast 'The Office' in Cayma Arequipa?

1) Tres Volcanes, At this restaurant you can sit both inside and outside on the terrace. Which is definitely recommended, because the name of the restaurant already gives it away, with a view of the three volcanoes that Arequipa has. You can eat local dishes here, with a very diverse menu. Friendly service, and the prices, you can't cook for that yourself. Definitely recommended, given that you can walk there from the B&B. So have a drink and eat!

2) Ceviateria El Huascon, Also within walking distance, located on the high street in Cayma. A small fish restaurant is located afterwards. Delicious food, friendly service. Wide range of different dishes. The price, unbelievably low considering what you get to eat. We go there regularly. A must in Arequipa.

3) Best Burgers, Dear Burgers, do you like BBQ? Meat or fish? Definitely go here, also located on the main street in Cayma. Prices are ok, you can't make the BBQ for it yourself. Friendly service. French fries are nice and crispy, because you often miss that in Peru, crispy fries. They have recently expanded their restaurant, but nothing has been lost in the cosiness.

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