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Arequipa Peru: the most beautiful city in Peru (tip: Colca Canyon)

What to do in Arequipa Arequipa is one of the most beautiful cities in Peru. The city is nicknamed 'white city', because

many buildings are made of the white rock of volcano Misti. In the vicinity of Arequipa are some of the most beautiful natural wonders of Peru, including the Colca Canyon.

Landmarks in Arequipa

Santa Catalina Monastery Arequipa in Peru

Early in the morning I walk to the Monasterio de Santa Catalina, one of the most special religious sites in Arequipa. The walled Santa Catalina monastery is so large, it feels like a village hidden from the bustle of the city. This small religious citadel was built in 1579 and some parts are still in use.

The Santa Catalina Monastery is a colorful maze of streets, patios and small houses that were inhabited for a long time by the nuns. Scenes from the Bible can be found in many passages. Paintings and photographs are exhibited inside the monastery.

The Santa Catalina Monastery is so big that I can easily wander around for a few hours without getting bored.

Museo Arqueologico Chiribaya

After visiting the monastery I visit the small archaeological museum in Arequipa. I've seen enough religious art for a while and am looking for another piece of Peru's history. The museum displays various artifacts from pre-Inca times, including skulls and ancient jewelry. I find the rooms with nautical 'art' suc

h as paintings, old books and maps just a little less interesting

The Museo Arqueologico Chiribaya museum in Arequipa is located next to the San Francisco Church.

Tip: combine a visit to the museum with the adjacent market with Peruvian handicrafts.

Plaza de Armas is the beating heart of Arequipa. There is a relaxed atmosphere: old men feed the many pigeons and children play by the fountain while their mothers chat. Around the square are several places of interest, including the cathedral (it closes around noon). Around the square are small atmospheric restaurants and shops, and there are also the necessary travel agencies for bus tickets and tours.

Booking an excursion online is not much more expensive and it guarantees you a place. (Changing your plans? You can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before departure.)

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