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10 Things most tourists don't know about Arequipa, Peru.

B&B The Office Arequipa Peru.
B&B The Office Arequipa peru

Arequipa, Peru, often lauded for its architectural charm and proximity to the Colca Canyon, holds a treasure trove of hidden gems that many tourists may not be aware of. Here are 10 lesser-known aspects of Arequipa that add to its allure:

  1. Quirky Barrio San Lázaro: Tucked away from the bustling tourist zones, Barrio San Lázaro offers a glimpse into Arequipa's local life. Narrow streets, vivid murals, and small cafes characterize this neighborhood, providing an authentic experience away from the more frequented areas.

  2. Arequipa's Astronomical Tradition: Arequipa has a rich astronomical history. The city was once home to the Harvard College Observatory's Southern Station, where groundbreaking astronomical research took place. Today, visitors can explore this astronomical legacy at the historic station.

  3. Pre-Inca Archaeological Site - Puente Bolognesi: Beyond the Inca influence, Arequipa boasts pre-Inca archaeological sites. Puente Bolognesi, located in the outskirts, features ancient terraces and structures, providing a window into the region's history before the Inca civilization.

  4. Yanahuara's Hidden Mirador: While many visitors explore Yanahuara for its famous Mirador with its stunning views of Arequipa and the surrounding volcanoes, there's a lesser-known Mirador called Mirador de Carmen Alto. This spot offers a more secluded setting to enjoy panoramic vistas.

  5. Mummy Juanita - The Ice Maiden: Arequipa is home to the Juanita Mummy, also known as the Ice Maiden. Discovered atop Mount Ampato, this remarkably preserved Inca girl is displayed at the Museo Santuarios Andinos, offering a fascinating glimpse into Inca religious practices.

  6. Arequipa's Underground World: Few tourists are aware of the intriguing network of underground tunnels beneath Arequipa. Originally constructed for irrigation purposes, these tunnels are now a historical curiosity, revealing the city's innovative water management system.

  7. Traditional Picanterías: For a taste of authentic Arequipeñan cuisine, venture into the traditional picanterías scattered across the city. These local eateries serve up spicy and flavorful dishes, providing a culinary experience beyond the mainstream restaurants.

  8. Charming Cayma District: The Cayma district, often overshadowed by the city center, is a charming area with a relaxed ambiance. Its colonial church and picturesque square make it a delightful place to explore, offering a quieter side of Arequipa.

  9. Peruvian Chocolate Factory: Chocolate enthusiasts will be pleasantly surprised to discover a Peruvian chocolate factory in Arequipa. This hidden gem allows visitors to witness the chocolate-making process and indulge in high-quality, locally-produced treats.

  10. Misti Volcano Adventure Park: While Misti Volcano is a well-known landmark, not everyone is aware of the Misti Adventure Park. This recreational area offers activities such as zip-lining and rock climbing, providing a unique way to experience the breathtaking scenery surrounding the volcano.

In conclusion, Arequipa's charm extends beyond its postcard-perfect attractions. Exploring these hidden facets allows tourists to forge a deeper connection with the city, unraveling its diverse history, traditions, and contemporary offerings. Arequipa, with its secrets waiting to be discovered, invites travelers to go beyond the surface and embrace the richness that lies beneath.

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