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10 best travelbooks about Peru

Book about Peru
Book about Peru

Peru is a fascinating country, full of history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. If you're planning a trip to Peru, or simply want to learn more about this fascinating country, reading some of the best travel books about Peru can be a great way to get started. Here are ten of the best travel books about Peru:

  1. "Turn Right at Machu Picchu" by Mark Adams: This book follows the author as he retraces the steps of Hiram Bingham, the explorer who "discovered" Machu Picchu in 1911. Along the way, Adams meets with local experts, explores ancient ruins, and learns about the history and culture of Peru.

  2. "The Peru Reader: History, Culture, Politics" edited by Orin Starn: This collection of essays, poems, and other writings provides a comprehensive overview of Peru's history and culture. The book includes contributions from both Peruvian and foreign authors, and covers topics such as the Inca empire, the Spanish conquest, and modern-day political issues.

  3. "Inca Kola: A Traveller's Tale of Peru" by Matthew Parris: In this memoir, the author recounts his travels through Peru in the 1980s, when the country was in the midst of political turmoil. Along the way, he meets with locals, explores the Andes, and learns about the country's history and culture.

  4. "Lost City of the Incas" by Hiram Bingham: This classic book, written by the explorer who "discovered" Machu Picchu, provides a firsthand account of the expedition that led to the site's discovery. The book also includes descriptions of other Inca ruins and Bingham's encounters with local people.

  5. "The White Rock: An Exploration of the Inca Heartland" by Hugh Thomson: In this book, the author explores the heartland of the Inca empire, visiting remote villages, exploring ancient ruins, and learning about the culture and history of the region.

  6. "The Conquest of the Incas" by John Hemming: This book provides a detailed account of the Spanish conquest of Peru, including the military campaigns, the role of the Catholic Church, and the impact on indigenous peoples.

  7. "The Incas: People of the Sun" by Carmen Bernard and Benito Rosas: This book provides an introduction to Inca history and culture, including their religious beliefs, social structure, and achievements in agriculture, engineering, and the arts.

  8. "The Peru Traveler: A Concise History and Guide" by David L. Carroll: This book provides a practical guide to traveling in Peru, including information on accommodations, transportation, and sightseeing. The book also includes a concise history of Peru and descriptions of major tourist attractions.

  9. "Peru: A Cultural History" by Daniel Peters: This book provides a comprehensive overview of Peruvian history and culture, covering topics such as the Inca empire, the Spanish conquest, and modern-day society. The book also includes photographs and illustrations.

  10. "Seven Years in Tibet" by Heinrich Harrer: While not strictly about Peru, this book provides a fascinating account of Harrer's travels in Tibet, which share some similarities with Peru in terms of geography and culture. The book includes descriptions of Tibetan customs, landscapes, and religious practices

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